The St. Mary's County Community Mediation Center

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About Us

The St. Mary's County Community Mediation Center assists Southern Maryland residents, organizations and businesses, schools, inmates re-entering society and families by providing alternative dispute resolution services.The Center is partially supported by a grant from the Maryland Mediation and Conflict Resolution Office of the Maryland Judiciary.

Mediation is an opportunity to manage conflicts differently. With the help of mediators, you can discuss issues and talk about your concerns. In mediation, you — not the mediator — control the decisions and the outcome.

Mediation brings people in conflict together in a comfortable and safe setting. The mediators will help you talk to each other to clarify goals, gather information, and identify options. It is up to you to decide what will meet your needs as you manage the conflict. What is discussed with the mediators is kept private and confidential.

• Mediation is quick, convenient and free.
• You make your own decisions about how to deal with the conflict.
• Solutions that you arrive at will be far more satisfying and lasting than anything imposed upon you by others.
• 85% of people who have used mediation feel that they have improved their situation.