Al-Mubadarah: Arab Empowerment Initiative

  • DC


United States

About Us

An international NGO (headquartered in Washington DC) promoting economic & social development in the Arab World through engaging & harnessing talents of global Arab diaspora communities. Al-Mubadarah works globally with partner organizations and professional expatriate networks developing strategic collaborations for synergy and cumulative impact, and connecting international capacities and expertise to capacity needs in the Arab world.

Programs of the organization include:

  1. Al-Mubadarah Fellowship and Mentorship Programs- “Arab Diaspora for Development” – technical assistance and knowledge transfer to MENA
  2. Global Arab Talent Bank™ – A comprehensive database of global Arabs expatriates representing professional expertise to serve as consultants, mentors, fellows and strategic advisors to development and capacity building programs
  3. Policy and Public Forums – Annual Arab Diaspora & Development Forum and special events, panels, workshops and conferences
  4. Research and Publications- Focus Groups and Surveys of the Arab Diaspora and capacity/needs assessment studies in MENA