IdukayPeru NGO

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About Us

IdukayPeru is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that works to promote development in marginalized, urban sectors of Lima, Peru. Founded by a group of young Peruvians and international volunteers, the NGO has principally focused its efforts in parts of Callao where residents live in situations of extreme poverty and social exclusion. The mission of IdukayPeru is to improve the quality of life of those lacking resources to meet their basic needs by offering educational programs, improving sanitation, and offering a wide range of humanitarian and social assistance.

The organization is made up of an international network of volunteers who are committed to working for social change. In this way, IdukayPeru brings together the knowledge and experience of a diverse group of individuals in order to better serve the communities in which it operates.

Our programs include: English and other classes, an after-school program for children, a health clinic, a women's micro-credit program, a child sponsorship program and a soup kitchen. We also provide assistance to individuals in the community where we work as specific needs arrive.