The Osa EcoExperience

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About Us


We practice Permaculture growing systems and various sustainable growing techniques at our location.

Our experience is hands on experimentation and implementation of systems and process to yield the most organic produce possibly in our jungle environment without using the traditional chemical based growing systems.

We have recently installed Talapia ponds and a free range chicken area that will include ducks for their eggs. We intend to provide 100% natural feeding systems for the fish and chickens from what we grow and produce on site.

We believe we offer a truly unique volunteer experience with a community atmosphere in mind.

Our combination programs include the Animal Rescue Center, Aquaculture and animal Husbandry. A one week Permaculture intensive course in design and our Adventure packages for an additional cost if you would like upgrade your experience with us.

With the standard volunteer program you will assist exclusively in the gardens for four hours per day, five days per week. On the weekends and on your free time after your morning volunteer commitment you can visit the Osa Mountain Village Resort pool and bar, walk to the waterfalls, or just relax in the natural beautify all around

If you are interested in this opportunity. Please contact us at for more information.