The Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts, Inc

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About Us


The Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts mission is to foster growth in and awareness of Western New York’s artistic and cultural treasures and improve the fabric of our unique urban environment.


The goals of the Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts are: 1) to give regional artists, craftspeople, musicians, arts organizations and community groups a family oriented venue in which to present their work, and to help foster the creation and growth of these grassroots enterprises; 2) create a children’s festival that celebrates and educates through the Arts. Offering hands -on art projects, some collaborative, that will bring together children of all ages, backgrounds and abilities; 3) Commission and fund public art, fund tree plantings and other beautification projects; 4) Create an environmentally sustainable event; 4) Highlight the richness of the Elmwood Avenue neighborhood, its stores, restaurants and people.

We plan on accomplishing this by seeking out regional artists and developing marketplaces for them in cooperation with neighborhood businesses, regional arts organizations, galleries, colleges and universities and our sponsors. We feel that providing such a venue is an economic development tool for the neighborhood, city, region and state.