Butler Street COOP

  • New York


90 Bond Street
New York
United States

About Us

The Butler Street COOP (BSC) is a supportive network of families brought together by our commitment to equip our children to be lifelong learners. BSC values social-emotional development and the qualities that come with it, including emotional maturity, critical thinking, independence, and self-control. Because we believe that children construct their own knowledge of the world, we aim to foster that through our child-initiated, exploration-based approach to learning. Our exploration-based approach stimulates our children’s curiosity and autonomy, and we believe there is great value in allowing the curriculum to be seeded by our children’s natural interests and grown under the care of our expert teachers. We all work together to model behavior for our children, showing consistency, integrity, a sense of humor, flexibility, patience, good judgment, boundaries, and love.

BSC is committed to providing a multicultural learning environment in an effort to prepare our children to become successful citizens of a diverse world. It is our goal to create a community rich with varied backgrounds, cultures and family structures as a way to foster our children’s open heartedness.

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