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About Us

The Halftime Institute is the leading authority on creating a second half defined by joy, impact and balance.  We’ve served thousands of men and women from varied backgrounds.

We are "The University for Your Second Half". We help our clients become crystal clear on who they are at their core, what strengths and abilities they bring to the table, and where they can apply themselves in their second half to make the greatest impact on their deepest passions. And we do this while strengthening their marriage and family relationships and helping them to develop greater margin for a more balanced and fulfilling life.

The Halftime Institute teaches, coaches and connects marketplace leaders to help them discover and engage in their Ephesians 2:10 calling to “the good works God prepared in advance for us to do.”  In the process, a “Halftimer” learns to live out deep faith in God, and to experience lasting joy in community.

Our clients go on to leverage their skills and abilities to impact causes such as hunger, clean water, child and family services, philanthropic giving, internaitonal relief, veterans, healthcare, and many more.