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About Us

Betty Shabazz International Charter School (BSICS) is a charter network in the city of Chicago in operation since 1998. BSICS is authorized by the Illinois State Charter Commission.  BSICS offers K-8 education on two campuses. BSICS offers an African centered curriculum.

The BSICS network is unique in its African centered educational philosophy and mission. The schools focus on the holistic development of children in partnership with families. The curriculum integrates the contributions and cultural systems of people of African descent on the continent of Africa and across the African Diaspora to the forward flow of human knowledge. This integration occurs within and across subject matters and through the social practices embedded in the school culture. BSICS further seeks to teach children to be critical thinkers, problem solvers, and community engaged, to be lifelong readers, to be effective communicators in oral, written, and digital medium, and to critically integrate knowledge in the humanities, history and social studies, mathematics, the sciences, and the arts. The schools stress an ecological focus on health – physical health and social and emotional wellbeing - by providing healthy vegetarian lunches, daily physical exercise, opportunities to grow food, and by fostering nurturing relationships among children, staff, and families.