Network for the Active Tolerance




About Us

The challenge to be confronted today is considerable: to create a new mode of relating to the world that is both individual and collective, and that brings open-mindedness ¬– the capacity to truly consider other points of view – together with a pragmatic, problem-solving efficiency.

I propose to assemble – in an intellectual movement without borders – all the free electrons, all those with the dissatisfaction that incites creativity, all the critical or eclectic minds, the individuals who don’t belong. And also those enthusiastic possessors of a truth – a truth they would have tested.

In it is not a question of simply staying on the internet, but of making possible a singular place – one with no known equivalent – a summary of the world and its discordant fragments – where one might meet Muslims and sophrologists, scientists and new-age enthusiasts, urban youths and woman of the world, Trotskyites and Buddhists…

But to gather together people of all kinds and creeds is not an end in itself. What goal might such a diverse group of free, unidentified individuals pursue?

In the network’s internal meetings, each participant will be able to propose a discussion on any subject (love, politics, religion, the future of the world…), and also any interesting new experiences, collective trips, meetings with specialists of all sorts, visits to unusual places in new surroundings and social milieus… – and will, more subjectively, be able to explore very personal subjects without fear of judgment or subjection to normative preconceptions.

The network will also be able to organize connections between different currents of ideas, to propose methodical or contradictory debates (see article on methodical debate) in order to explore the entire range of solutions proposed to the big social or philosophical problems.