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About Us

The Fever Relief Foundation (FRF) was founded in 2010 by Akwasi Oppong, a native of Ghana and now a citizen of the United States.  FRF received 501c3 tax exempt status in 2013.  From first-hand experience, Mr. Oppong experienced plenty and experienced and observed the ravages of want.  Determined to change lives both in the United States and Ghana, Akwasi focused upon children and women. 


Beginning with children, especially special needs children and those from low-income single parent homes, ‘Project Kick’ was created.   Using the game of soccer as the vehicle to gather, impact, and transform the lives of children and their families, the program provides after school activities both at home and abroad.  In addition to the actual game, there are the components of teamwork, mentoring, role-modeling, tutoring, and good citizenship.  Sports activities are transformative for both males and females.  Project Kick is determined to make contributions in the lives of the young people that participate in the program that will last forever.


In addition to Project Kick which operates both in the US and Ghana and has served more than a thousand children, FRF operates ‘ A Book In Hand’,  ‘Change of Clothing’, ‘Project MD’, and ‘Project New Hope’. These projects focus upon the gathering of discarded, but still usable, items of clothing, books, athletic equipment, and medical supplies.  What was discarded in the United States, gains a new life in the US and Ghana, and change lives in the US and Ghana.


With a successful stateside business in sports management, FRF through the efforts of Akwasi, was able to capture an impressive array of supporters, donors, and partners. Some of them are listed here, however, there are more and the list is being increased daily.  The Henry Jackson Foundation, the United States Department of Defense, The Jerome Bettis Foundation, The Shawn Springs Foundation, The Robert Royal Foundation, Champion Divine Clinic-Ghana, Faaco Ghana Limited-Ghana, and The Charles Sanders Charities (totaling more than $1.5M).  The total values of items donated are more than $3M.


In a short period of time much has been accomplished through the distribution of books and building of more than 30 libraries for the “Books in Hand” project.  Clothing in all shapes, ages, and styles have found new use and life, and provided ‘a change of clothing’ to women, children, and men through the ‘Change of Clothing’ project. Having something new for them to wear,  affects self-esteem, self-confidence, and opens up the world of possibilities.  What is taken for granted in the States is a total luxury in many parts of the world. More than 30,000 individuals have been benefited through these projects.


Discarded but usable medical supplies in every category are obtained from hospitals and sent to hospitals and clinics in the Dansoman Region of Ghana through ‘Project MD’.   Doctors no longer

have to wash sutures by hand for re-use, but can proceed to save lives and heal diseases with the necessary tools and equipment.

FRF has created the avenues of collection, the avenues of distribution, and the areas that these donations and items will have the most impact both in the United States and Ghana.  Thousands of lives have been impacted; thousands more are waiting, as number of reclaimable items increases rather than decreases.