Massachusetts General Hospital Weight Center/GI Research

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About Us

The Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Weight Center offers expert consultation and treatment for both adults and children, emphasizing family-based therapy whenever appropriate. All clinical care in the MGH Weight Center is provided under the direction of an MGH physician, honoring the strictest patient confidentiality.

The MGH Weight Center is strongly committed to advancing our understanding of the causes, complications and effective treatment of weight disorders. We have an active and diverse clinical research program, and we strongly encourage our patients to participate and become our partners in this important research effort.

Additionally, our laboratory research is focused on understanding the physiological, behavioral and molecular mechanisms underlying the metabolic effects of GI weight loss surgery and on the development of novel approaches to the treatment of obesity, diabetes and related disorders. The laboratory utilizes existing and newly-developed rodent (rat and mouse) models of bariatric surgical procedures to examine the GI regulation of food intake, energy expenditure and glucose homeostasis. Approaches include pharmacological, genetic and surgical manipulation with assessment of biochemical, genetic, neurophysiological, cellular and behavioral responses.