Families & Communities Empowered for Safety, Inc.

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About Us

f.a.c.e.s., an all-volunteer non-profit organization, promotes family safety across the lifespan through education, collaboration, community-building, and action. Prevention of family violence is our objective. Through individual programs, we teach people to know what family violence and abuse is and how it affects people, families, schools, workplaces, and our community, and how to get and give help for themselves or others through local services.

Professional volunteers present no-cost safety and prevention education:

  • "MedEd" offers patient screening and referral session for medical providers: "Screen to Save", "Partner Violence and Maternal and Infant Health", "The ACE Study and Partner Violence", "Assessment and Screening Role Play", "Family Violence Across the LIfespan"
  • "Family Safety in the Workplace" teaches employees and employers about the need to address the impact of family violence on workplace safety and employee health and productivity
  • "Dating: Right From the Start" offers personal safety awareness for classrooms and children's organization members and parents
  • "Teachers Are Hometown Heros" to teach awareness and state reporting requirements to teachers and school counselors
  • "Everyday Advocacy" teaches people, in general, to recognize signs and symptoms of violence and abuse, how to safety provide support and information to victims, what local intervention services are available, and where to report, if necessary

Also, thousands of "Hope Blossoms" are crafted each year of many mediums by volunteers and then donated to local intervention service and law enforcement agencies to present to victims and survivors to help validate their experiences, let them know they are not alone, and give them hope for safer and happier futures.

f.a.c.e.s. raises awareness and inspires action for prevention of family violence and abuse. We deliver hope.