Jose Valdes Math Foundation

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About Us

Founded in 1989, the Jose Valdés Math Institute (JVMI) is committed to math excellence that enables students to achieve proficiency at all levels and improve their access to college or career opportunities in Silicon Valley.  JVMI offers middle and high-school students a unique, math-intensive summer bridge program that focuses on building individual math skills through fun, interactive, collaborative and project-based learning approaches that develop study skills and problem-solving skills. On average, students who complete the 7-week summer program advance one full-grade level in math, preparing them to succeed in Common Core Integrated Math 1 as they enter high school and placing them on a path to college and career readiness.

The Valdés Math Institute targets its outreach to middle and high school students by offering basic math classes for those who are behind grade-level as well as pre-calculus enrichment classes to prepare students to reach Calculus by their senior year or earlier. Classes are held at local college and university campuses in order to expose students to higher education and promote a college-going culture.