Institute for Literacy Studies

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Lehman College
250 Bedford Park Boulevard West
United States

About Us

The Institute for Literacy Studies (ILS)is an organized research unit of The City University of New York located at Lehman College. Our mission -- reforming and improving urban education -- has deep significance in our home borough of the Bronx as well as throughout New York City and the nation. We understand urban education in its broadest, most inclusive meaning to comprise the complex web of systems, settings and relationships that foster learning in our cities; as such, our view of urban education is one that includes the work done in schools, colleges, community-based and adult education settings, and in homes.

The work of the Institute for Literacy Studies falls into three overlapping areas: literacy education, mathematics education, and school improvement and reform. In these three areas we conduct professional development, provide technical assistance to schools and programs, and conduct and disseminate research studies that draw upon and extend the knowledge of practitioners in school and commun