About Us

Swami Vivekananda Sevashram initiated with the stewardship of Mr. K. A. NATARAJAN who is a dedicated social worker framed the vision of the organisation as follow: Total empowerment of rural women`s socio – economic – education - health status irrespective of caste and religious.

The Goal of the organisation is to free rural women from social , domestic injustices and make them to obtain an equal place in the society.

Swami Vivekananda Sevashram (SVS) since its inception in 1986 concentrating on women development programmes like prevention of school dropouts and increasing female child enrollment in the schools, skill and leadership improvement of women programmes. Micro credit, tribal economic development, awareness generation programmes and prevention of communicable and non – communicable diseases etc., While on the course of the above said programmes, SVS faced several cases related to violence against women which are social injustices (spurious liquor, eve teasing, wages disparity, superstitious attitudes, ghost – belief, false astrology, illegal doctors), domestic violence (Dowry harassments, property allotment dispute, Reproductive rights violence , non-permissible to women`s higher education, marriage rights violation, decision making rights negligence) and general injustices (political violence, abusing women in the charmismatic media. Cinema, TV channels & poster, vernacular magazines & news papers) and solved the individuals cases by approaching appropriate ways.

- Tribal economic development with the Aid of CAPART ,

- Control the spread of STD/ HIV / AIDS among the tribals and others. with the colloboration of Tamilnadu State AIDS Control Society and

- Tribal children education programme at two tribal hamlets with the assistance of National Education Group.