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About Us

JAM's vision is to help Africa help itself by contributing toward the alleviation of poverty through sustainable development programs.

Our mission is to achieve our vision in Africa through:

  • Offering a professional, dignified solution to the poor
  • Helping to develop people through education and development programs.
  • Meeting the nutritional and educational needs of children.
  • Providing sustainable water and sanitation solutions.
  • Meeting people's needs in a time of crisis.
  • Operating all aid activities on a fully inclusive basis, not discriminating on the grounds of race, religion, gender or political persuasion.

Through offering effective, professional and dignified solutions to the poor, JAM's goals are to:

  • Feed one million children a day through school feeding, therapeutic feeding and nutritional take-home rations by 2012.
  • Assist communities with life-saving water and sanitation (WAT/SAN) through borehole drilling and rehabilitation, latrine construction and sanitation education.
  • Equip communities with adequate nutrition and sustainable avenues for food security, through agriculture development activities with smallholder and local commercial farmers.
  • Educate children, parents, teachers and community members on the effects of HIV/AIDS, prevention methods and care.
  • Assist Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) with nutrition and education
  • Strengthen and increase the capacity of local communities through national human capital development, local food production factories and strong infrastructure development.
  • Improve the capacity of African Governments to initiate and operate national assistance programming through capacity building, training and macro policy development.
  • Stimulate economic development through agri-business and other sectors to effect true development and sustainability within communities served.