Executive Service Corps of Houston (ESCH)

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About Us

The mission of the Executive Service Corps of Houston (ESCH) is "to promote best management practices among the nonprofit sector." We are the "go to" resource for nonprofits in Brazoria, Fort Bend, Galveston, Harris and Montgomery counties, Texas. Our corps of 70 volunteer management consultants are men and women who have held executive and senior level management positions in both for-profit and nonprofit businesses. They are committed to nonprofit management excellence; they give their expertise and experience to help nonprofits operate more efficiently and become more sustainable. Our management consultation services, generously supported by foundations, corporations and individuals, are offered via a sliding scale so that organizations with limited resources can avail themselves of professional management consultation services. Since 1984, ESCH has helped over 1,300 organizations. Consultants provide these services: One-on-one management consultation projects based upon organizational assessment results; nonprofit management seminars-including development and social media training; executive leadership coaching, financial fitness and guidance through the 501(c)(3) start-up process. ESCH is able to respond to a variety of management/ infrastructure issues because we maintain such a large pool of consultants with diverse expertise who help nonprofits: (1) re-energize and, when necessary, reform their boards; (2) identify their desired futures and take strategic steps towards those futures; (3) develop funding and marketing planning to move them towards fiscal sustainability; (4) deal with human resource issues that limit efficiency and/or create financial risks; (5) develop systems of financial accountability and transparency; (6) use information technology to streamline operations/website invigoration; and (7) deal with other infrastructure/management processes affecting efficiency, effectiveness or sustainability. ESCH consultants help nonprofits be more management- savvy, more accountable, and more efficient and as a result, more effective, better stewards of their own funding, and more sustainable. In short, our consultants contribute to a stronger fabric of community well-being by strengthening the nonprofits that serve our community.