Alliance for Health Reform

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About Us

The Alliance for Health Reform ("Alliance") is a nonpartisan, not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping policymakers understand the underpinnings of health policy, the roots of the nation's health care issues and the tradeoffs posed by various health reform proposals. Since our founding nearly 25 years ago, we have earned a reputation as an honest broker in the Washington, D.C. health policy community, and enjoy strong relationships with health policy experts, stakeholders, and policymakers on both sides of the aisle, making our briefings and events among the most widely-respected and well-attended inside the Beltway. The Alliance has conducted more than 500 briefings and other educational events on Capitol Hill and around the nation on timely and important topics.

Our impact

The Alliance is unique among entities in the Washington, D.C. area in our core mission to carry out unbiased educational events for health care policymakers. We regularly bring together top national experts with key policymakers, enhancing the dialogue on difficult issues and serving as a trusted source of policy information for congressional staff and other policymakers.

Our approach

Consistent with our mission to provide balanced, nonpartisan education on timely health policy issues, the Alliance is strictly nonpartisan. We do not advocate, lobby, or take positions on any legislative or regulatory matters. We believe that a fully informed debate is a healthy debate, and we plan all events to present health policy issues in a balanced way. We conduct extensive research on the briefing topic, speak with experts, and, when appropriate, hold confidential conversations with congressional and executive branch staff in both parties to better understand the current thinking on key policy issues.