NYU Metro Center

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726 Broadway
5th Floor
New York
United States

About Us

The Metro Center is located in New York University's Steinhardt School of Education. The Center's staff members are professionals in education, law, business, and health. The Metro Center utilizes the expertise of a broad range of professors from various departments in the School of Education and includes among its staff over sixty graduate students. The Metro Center is organized onto 3 primary areas: Technical assistance and services to schools; Technical assistance services to students and teachers; and Evaluation & Research. Projects often include components related to each of these areas. To support our efforts, we have enlisted a variety of federal, state, local, and private resources. Priority is given to schools and school districts that serve diverse learners, have high poverty levels, and experience other critical needs. Our clients include: New York State Education Department; Low-performing districts and schools in high property areas; Schools with multiple barriers to providing high-quality education, including those that serve: English language learners, Native American children, migratory students, and children with disabilities.