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About Us

Founded in 2017, Legacy LA is a community based, nonprofit organization focused on youth development. Our mission is to make positive intervention in the lives of young people by offering alternatives to gangs and violence. operating in a 50,000 square-foot 1950s Armory building, we provide multifaceted youth programs focusing on advocacy, empowerment, service learning, education and culture. our work is guided by the belief that all youth have the potential to succeed and have the ability to be champions for themselves and their community!

Legacy LA's Pillars for Youth Success

Academic Support:

  • Leadership,
  • Mentoring,
  • Arts & Culture
  • Health & Well-being

At Legacy LA, we take a holistic approach to youth development. Our four pillars work in concert to address the needs of our youth and  support their positive development. Through these four pillars, youth feel confident in their academic capacity, empowered in their leadership, supported through their mentoring and inspired by the arts.

Building a Legacy, Building Dreams

Student Success: Middle School Program

Legacy LA's Student Success Program focuses on academic support, social justice, advocacy, and empowering teens to become leaders in their community. Teens develop and strengthen their creativity, critical thinking skills, leadership, and cultural awareness by engaging and promoting life long learning through meaningful service learning projects. Teens are also provided with tutoring and mentoring four times a week.

Student Success: High School Program

Legacy LA's Student Success High School Program provides academic support services to youth living in Ramona Gardens and the surrounding community. Legacy LA has developed a model for academic intervention and student success that is rooted in the belief that schools must work closely with community organizations that have a connection to youth.

Dream Big Leadership Program

Legacy LA's Leadership Program focuses on social justice, advocacy and empowerment, and supports teens in becoming agents of change for their community by developing their leadership skills and engaging them in meaningful service learning projects.

How to Get Involved

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