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About Us

Angels Harbor Inc is about uniting survivors of bullying, abuse and domestic violence. A majority ofALL our members are survivors themselves. They are now united, under one banner ( ANGELS HARBOR ) to encourage, inspire and to empower others that may be in the same violent or abusive situations that once held them captive. Our voices are united to proclaim that there is indeed hope . Angels Harbor has many very experienced advocates, because they lived it, and survived it. Angels Harbor Inc is just what it says ... It is a safe harbor, within the wings of loving angels.

 Angels Harbor, Inc.   is legally recognized entity in the state of Indiana, and a non-denominational multi faith based organization. It's purpose is to inspire, empower, assist and educate survivors of abuse, violence  and bullying, and to then unite them to become advocates , and to speak out in power.  Angels Harbor Inc. was founded after the events and death of one Tiffanie Adams and her son. Ms. Adams was From Sullivan county, Indiana. We are here to insure that what happened, never has to happen again.

Vision Statement:  Angels Harbor, Inc. wants citizens within their communities to feel safe, empowered, and educated, by giving them the knowledge, tools, and power to take an active role ,and to do so in in a safe manner. We pledge to protect people that do step forward with courage, and to remove their fear of retaliation or ridicule, We strive to have the resources available to us to intervene in those situations where people are needing immediate action to stay safe.We will go, where others fear to tread. This means we will go in, when many would not.

Value Statement: Angels Harbor, Inc. will be  the voice for those who can’t speak, and will empower past victims to become advocates for the cause. We seek to defend the underdog, and to lift up those broken. We seek to ensure stiffer sentences for violent crimes against women and children through legislative changes brought forth from our members who are in constant communication with our Representatives on a State level.
 Mission Statement: We want to educate the schools, and our communities on the serious problem of bullying.  We want to teach them what to look for, how to approach the situation in the safest, and in the most effective way possible, yet still be productive. We want to raise internet safety awareness, educate individuals on safe dating practices, provide communication and empower our youth and adults with  a free hotline accessible 24 hours a day/7 days a week,  Angels Harbor pledges to enable and provide a safe place immediately during a crisis or will find a partner organization to aid it.  An anonymous member will  get them to a safe house near their home or in another community if the threat deems it necessary. 

We strive to do all the above, along with a strong spiritual guidance. We will use experienced chaplains and ministers of many faiths and can apply them based upon each individuals preferences if they so choose. We seek to have mentors of all faiths and religions, and to create a community of united advocates determined to push out the darkness of violence and hate within our country. Angels Harbor Inc. uses a multi faith platform because we know and understand that the citizens within this country are from many religious thoughts and backgrounds and we are here to help them all.