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About Us

About us

An Institutional Profile

Christian Partners Development Agency (CPDA) was established in 1985 as a loose association of philanthropists who were inspired by Christian values of caring for the underprivileged. They coordinated the collection and distribution of relief supplies from well wishers to hunger stricken communities in Makueni district. From these efforts, Mangelete Water Project was initiated to help reduce their vulnerability to frequent drought conditions. In 1993, CPDA was formally registered as an NGO under the National NGOs Coordination Act of 1993 thereby broadening the framework for pursuing a hitherto nascent vision. Since then CPDA interventions have continued to grow in leaps and bounds in response to the ever growing need to address and mitigate the plight of poor people.

Our Mission Our mission is to uplift the living standards of the poor and disadvantaged communities in Kenya and beyond through partnership, capacity building and development programs that empower them to respond more effectively to their needs

Our Institutional Objectives After an elaborate organizational development process, CPDA has been able to clarify its mandate and currently pursues the following objectives;

Building the capacities of grassroots communities to participate meaningfully in governance and demand for their rights Assisting communities improve food security and food sovereignty Broadening programs support to include HIV/AIDS, gender and human rights as cross-cutting themes in all CPDA programmes Strengthening partnership and collaboration frameworks with diverse Stakeholders for effective programme delivery and visibility Lobbying and advocating for affirmative policy changes and actions at all levels Continuously strengthening CPDA’s accountability standards and improving her resource base Programmatic focus CPDA implements two categories of programmes in furtherance of its mandate; Governance and Democracy and Integrated Food security and Sustainable Livelihoods.