Neve Yerushalayim

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About Us

The Neve Yerushalayim Campus is located on six acres on one of the highest points of Jerusalem. Neve is unique in that they educate English-speaking students of every religious (Jewish) background. Located on the campus are the following programs:

·       Neve College for Women: The mission of Neve College for Women is to educate, inspire, and empower young Jewish women, ages 18 to 33, who have little or no knowledge of their Jewish heritage. Since 1970, more than 35,000 Jewish women from all over the world have attended Neve. The campus is also home to Neve Nerlitz (French-speaking students) and Neve Shoshana (Hebrew speaking students residing in Israel)

·       Meorot: A one-year seminary program designed for motivated 18 year-old girls, who want a deeper understanding and relationship with their Judaism and Torah Learning.

·       Seminar Lapidot: Provides high school daughters of immigrant families with an academic education.

·       The Family Institute: The largest outpatient mental health institute in Israel that provides a post-graduate program and counseling services to the orthodox community

·       Post high-school Seminaries for graduates of religious high-schools: Bnos Avigail, Bnos Chaya, Bnos Sarah, Midreshet Tehillah

·       Post-seminary programs: Maalot Yerushalayim (founded 1984) – offers programs of advanced Judaic studies and courses in various academic areas, with credits toward a B.A. degree from Thomas Edison State University, Rinat Tzipporah, and Center for Foreign Studies