Gateway School

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126 Eucalyptus Avenue
Santa Cruz
United States

About Us

A successful school possesses a stated mission along with a formally articulated set of values, attitudes and behaviors characteristic of the school as a whole. The mission must come from inside the school community, be established and widely disseminated. At a healthy school, this mission is shared by teachers, administrators, parents and students and it holds together every aspect of the school. The mission and statements of the school’s philosophy, purpose and Core Values influence all decisions related to site, the curriculum, community, staff, finances and governance.

Gateway School Mission Statement

  • To challenge students with a rich and engaging academic program
  • To prepare students for future success – in school and beyond
  • To encourage students to give their personal best
  • To develop character and a commitment to personal, social and environmental responsibility
  • To inspire the passion for lifelong learning

Educational Philosophy

GatewaySchool recognizes that people learn best in an environment in which they are respected, trusted, and valued as integral members of the community. An effective school creates a learning environment in which its members feel comfortable attempting new activities, exploring their passions, and building strong and supportive relationships.

In an active learning environment, teachers engage their students with meaningful and relevant work and acknowledge student effort and the intrinsic reward that accompanies this effort. Similarly, students are able to apply newly acquired knowledge to unique concepts, ideas and settings. This approach to learning provides multiple ways for students to connect to the material and promotes greater retention.

While the skills, information, and habits acquired in the classroom setting are important, Gateway School strives to develop students’ ethical reasoning and decision-making abilities; their appreciation for art and physical activity; an understanding of our relationship to nature and the environment; and the ability to create and maintain healthy and supportive relationships.