The Center for Diversity Education

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About Us

The mission of the Center for Diversity Education is to increase the ways that diversity is included in the daily life of the classroom in grades K thru 16. To this end we believe that:

The human condition is enriched and strengthened by interaction with people from varying, experiences (gender, race, religion, class, etc.), places (geography, urban, rural, etc.) and viewpoints (personalities, political persuasion, etc.) When diverse aspects of the human condition are intentionally included in the classroom, teachers and students expand their knowledge, affirm individual and group identity and deepen their communal educational experience. Schools and Collegiate institutions are critical locations where teachers provide opportunities for students to learn and practice skills that foster engagement in a pluralistic society. Building partnerships through programming with diverse individuals and organizations that share these beliefs, magnifies the combined efforts and permeates the beliefs to a larger audience than either organization could accomplish individually.