Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)

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About Us

Whatever your passion, you can master it at RIT!

RIT is a place where brilliant minds assemble and collaborate, where they pool together their individual talents across disciplines in service of big projects and big ideas.

It is a vibrant community teeming with students collaborating with experts and specialists: a hub of innovation and creativity. It is an intersection of disciplines, a launching pad for a brilliant career, and a highly unique state of mind.

It is a perfect environment in which to pursue your passion. Here, the future is envisioned each day. And remade each day after.


Degrees in:

Green MBA Business Administration

MS Communication and Media Technologies

MS Criminal Justice

MS Environmental Forecasting, Disaster Preparedness and Response

MS Environmental Science

MS Environmental, Health and Safety Management

MS Facility Management

MS Health Systems Administration

MS Hospitality-Tourism Management

MS Human Resource Development

College of Imaging Arts and Sciences Program Website

MS Imaging Science

MS Innovation Management

MS Medical Informatics

MS Packaging Science

MS Product Development

MS Science, Technology and Public Policy

MS School Psychology

MS Service Leadership and Innovation

MS/ME Sustainable Engineering

MS Sustainable Systems

PhD Sustainability