Chesapeake Bioneers

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About Us

An educational network of practical visionaries for the environment. Chesapeake Bioneers is a regional initiative of Bioneers (, an educational nonprofit that strengthens and expands networks of practical visionaries working on behalf of the environment and people.

We share the values promoted by Bioneers – ecological sustainability, health, social justice, cultural connectedness and spiritual development. Following the course set by of our parent organization, we seek biological pioneers living and working within our Chesapeake bioregion who are creating new practices in the above fields that are modeled after Nature. These bioneers apply a high level of creativity, skill, effort, and heartfelt care in service to humankind and the natural world. We celebrate and admire these individuals for inspiring us to find and express these same qualities in ourselves. Through our Speaker Series and our Fall Satellite Chesapeake Bioneers Conference, we seek to widen the circle and strengthen networks as we share the vital messages of the Bioneers and the bioneers of our Chesapeake ecosystem. We bring together people from our region that are concerned about issues having to do with the environment, social justice, and the business practices of large corporations. We hope to harbor an atmosphere where ideas are shared and expanded, spirits are uplifted, and individuals are motivated and set on a course leading us all to rediscover ways to make the planet a healthier home for all life.