National Endowment for Peace and Democracy Foundation Africa

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About Us

National Endowment for Peace and Democracy foundation Africa is a continental movement of committed peace builders working in partnership upon a basis of common principals, values and aspirations. We promote and celebrate persons, institutions and ongoing programs that contribute to reconciliation, mutual respect, harmony and cooperation among all people MISSION: To promote, implement and celebrate on going programs that brings people of every race, religion, nationality and culture to stand as core principles of building a world of ever lasting peace by strengthening God centered marriages and families, facilitating intercultural and inter religious cooperation, and fostering a culture of peace and service.

VISION: "Together for peace" A continent without violence and exploitation of all kinds characterized by the ideas of interdependence, mutual prosperity and universally shared values NEPD-FOUNDATION strives for a world of peace and harmony among different religious groups. We believe peace comes through cooperation beyond the boundaries of ethnicity, religion and nationality.

We work under the four pillars FAMILY, SERVICE, INTERFAITH AND DEMOCRACY