Humanity Knights Network

About Us

The Humanity Knights Network is a not-for-profit voluntary NGO, based in Nigeria. The overall aim of the Humanity Knights Network is to contribute to sustainable social development and environmental security in Nigeria specifically and the African continent generally, through the prevention/resolution of violent conflict and the promotion of peace. To achieve this aim, the Humanity Knights Network is committed to developing and implementing a variety of initiatives with the following objectives:

-Increasing awareness of the multi-faceted and overwhelmingly detrimental impact violent conflict has on the social development of communities, societies, and countries -Increasing awareness of the necessity of peace for national and international development.

The Humanity Knights Network also seeks to actively contribute to the pool of knowledge in the area of peace and conflict prevention/resolution through attendance and presentations at national conferences and workshops. This has the additional benefit of ensuring that the Humanity Knights Network remains informed of the latest developments in the area.

The Humanity Knights Network relies solely on volunteers, sponsors and donors to achieve these aims. ________