Jewish Federation of Cincinnati

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About Us

The mission of the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati is to bring our community together to care for Jews in Cincinnati, in Israel and around the world, and to develop opportunities for each of us to embrace a Jewish life.

Founded in the 1890s, the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati is the second oldest Federation in the country. As the umbrella organization for the entire Cincinnati Jewish community, the Jewish Federation assesses needs, sets priorities, allocates funding and provides overall strategic planning to the Cincinnati Jewish Community. The Jewish Federation of Cincinnati provides the financial, cultural and leadership resources necessary to build and sustain a strong, vibrant and inclusive Jewish community now and for generations to come. The Jewish Federation of Cincinnati builds community resources, leadership and trust.

As the largest Jewish non-profit in Cincinnati, the Federation funds over 34 local and international partners who serve more than 20,000 Jewish and non-Jewish members of the Greater Cincinnati community with a broad range of social services and counseling, education, vocational training, mentoring and cultural and artistic events. The Federation supports five key program areas: (1) Programs that help seniors, (2) Programs that help families and youth, (3) Programs that protect community, (4) Programs that education and (5) Programs that help Jews around the world.