Bethlehem Lutheran Church TC

  • Minnesota


4100 Lyndale Avenue South
United States

About Us

We’re a pretty traditional church. We’ve got pews and an organ. We have lovely stained glass and our pastors and choirs wear robes. We have sacraments, communion and baptism. We sing hymns, some a few hundred years old. These things help us remember where we’ve been. They remind us of the faithfulness of God, who has reliably been showing up when we come together, through word and sacrament for a really long time.But we’re not stuffy. There’s an openness and creativity to what we do. We deeply desire to help one another encounter the living God, who speaks into our lives now, not just then. We have fun and celebrate beauty. We welcome everyone, especially kids. We learn how to be God’s people together through song and prayer, and through sermons that help us see we are a part of God’s story, now and forever.

People wear all kinds of things to church. Some folk