Pittsburgh Partnership for Neighborhood Development

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425 Sixth Avenue, Suite 1740
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About Us


The Pittsburgh Partnership for Neighborhood Development creates vibrant communities that benefit their residents and are assets to the region. We do this by:

  1. Mobilizing private and public investments in communities;
  2. Building local capacity and leadership;
  3. Introducing new knowledge and best practices;
  4. Improving policies; and
  5. Serving as an impartial convener of system change efforts


All of PPND’s work begins from the premise that Pittsburgh cannot claim its transformation is complete until all its neighborhoods are healthy and sustainable. PPND’s vision for Pittsburgh’s future is of a city that builds upon the assets of its unique neighborhoods– a vibrant city with engaged citizens where everyone has access to excellent education, good jobs, affordable health care, quality housing, convenient transportation, varied cultural resources and ample green spaces. We assume that every neighborhood has the potential to become a good place to live, work and raise families. Whatever the shape of a neighborhood’s skyline, streets, storefronts, it can improve through hard work, smart planning and finally private investment. PPND helps to set the stage so this can happen