Bountiful Hope

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About Us

Bountiful Hope, Inc. is a nonprofit organization founded in 2009. It is a formally recognized nonprofit (EIN: 27-4933034) with the mission to grow chemical-free produce and eggs for donation to food pantries in rural communities where there is very little fresh produce donated. This organization is small in budget and to-date has been staffed exclusively with the efforts of volunteers.  Since 2009, we have donated 20,000 pounds of chemical-free produce.


Our goal is to make Bountiful Hope more impactful in 2015 with more consistent donations to our target food pantries as well as more significant donations to food banks (e.g., Second Harvest in Madison) while encouraging community gardeners to grow extra and donate it. In 2014, we donated over 9,000 pounds of produce and have a goal to reach 10,000 pounds (or more) in 2015.