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About Us

A place to talk about REAL ways to improve acces to health care for the poor of Cambodia- where to go, who to see, and ways everyone can get access to professional and dedicated health care


Share the Health Cambodia provided free medical care for over 10,000 poor patients in rural Kampong Thom province in 2009. Our work there uncovered the greed and corruption rampant in the medical field throughout Cambodia. Our family was then attacked and barely escaped with our lives. Since returning to the US, we are continuing to try to improve the medical care available to these ignored and abused people, by cooperating with other internaional agncies to expose this corruption. We are striving to find ways to coordinate non-profit missions and projects to places where it can do the most good, rather than just dumping cash that we know will be diverted and never reach the people who most need it. This page will be a place for those memories, and for those people we helped to stay in contact. The need will always be there, and through this page we can contact and coordinate future mission with other NGOs serving Cambodia, and provide valuable advice about serving in this dangerous area. This page is for all who want to see health care improve for the rural poor of Cambodia, however it needs to be accomplished.