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About Us

Calvert Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3), is an innovative industry leader in Community Investing and Microfinance, recently acclaimed by Fast Company as one of the Top 25 Groups Changing the World in 2006 and 2007. Our work has been profiled in leading publications like the Washington Post, Business Week, Crains Business and Fortune Magazine. We are located in the metro Washington DC area with ”25 FTEs, a $3 million operating budget and $200 million in assets under administration, Calvert Foundation’s path-breaking work is to channel capital to disadvantaged communities by creating unique products and services that empower investors and blend financial return with philanthropic objectives. Calvert Foundation has demonstrated that socially minded individuals and institutions are willing to invest to meet the needs of vital non-profits dedicated to bettering communities. Calvert Foundation offers three primary programs to the social investment sector:

Calvert Community Investment Notes result in critical financing for community development intermediaries and social enterprises, available on flexible terms, that offer investors ease of administration, risk diversification and credit enhancements. These Notes allow conventional investors to efficiently and effectively channel capital to a wide range of community organizations. Visit

Calvert Giving Fund, a donor advised fund, offers a complete mix of socially responsible and community investment options for ‘idle’ philanthropic assets. In addition to enabling donors to support their already identified nonprofits, Calvert Foundation’s path-breaking Giving Folios unlock the file cabinets of leading grant-makers to provide content rich giving options to donor participants. Visit

Community Investment Partners is Calvert Foundation’s emerging private merchant banking and consulting enterprise. It offers due-diligence, monitoring and asset administration for investors, and deal packaging and syndication services to community development and social enterprises in search of capital.

Calvert Foundation is legally a separate entity from Calvert Group, Ltd., the largest family of socially responsible mutual funds in the country.