Bowling for Bears

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Cherry Hill
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About Us

Bowling for Bears is a 501(c)(3) New Jersey Nonprofit Corporation. Our mission is to give children in need gifts. Over the past six years, Bowling for Bears has provided over 8,000 children in need with teddy bears for the holidays.

Bowling for Bears started after Hurricane Katrina, and in 2005 after the first Bowling for Bears event, Bowling for Bears was able to provide every child at the Children’s Hospital of New Orleans with a teddy bear during the holidays.

Since then, Bowling for Bears has raised over $63,000 and given over 8,000 new Build-A-Bear teddy bears to kids in need in New Orleans, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware for the holidays.

Bowling for Bears continues to provide children in need with teddy bears to brighten their holidays. To pursue our goal of giving teddy bears to children in need, we are expanding nationally and working with groups to run Bowling for Bears events across the country. Visit to learn more.