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About Us

Gift From An Angel was established in 2002 Weymouth, MA. AGFA is a nonprofit organization and depends solely on donations and fundraising contributions from the community.

A Gift From An Angel's mission is to positively enhance the lives of less-fortunate newborns and children in hospitals, DSS homes, and medical centers. We accomplish this by giving anonymous gift baskets to provide hope and encouragement. The recipients are chosen by the hospital's health care professionals and social workers. In choosing the recipients 'less-fortunate' may include but not limited to low income, emotional stress, extreme health challenges, or absent support system. It is important to AGFA to maintain each recipient's pride and integrity. Therefore the recipients are never told why they are chosen...only that it was "a gift from an angel".

Again, A Gift From An Angel is a nonprofit organization and depends solely on donations and fundraising contributions. Baskets are made for $10-$25. Each colorful basket is designed for a particular age and gender. Once the baskets are created they are directly dispersed to local hospitals, MA Department of Social Services agencies, or medical centers. AGFA touches the lives of children ages 0-15 years old. Baskets are filled with goodies such as bibs, bottles, lotions, & books for newborns OR crayons, puzzles, stuff animals, & games for children.

WE NEED people who wish to be 'angels'.... by giving the gift of hope and encouragement to less-fortunate children and families!! People who want to do good. People who want to make a positive difference in the world. People who are self-less. AGFA accepts & truly appreciates any generous contribution. If you would like to be 'an angel' and help a less-fortunate child, make a donation today! Please send checks payable to 'A Gift From An Angel' and mail to A Gift From An Angel P.O. Box 403 South Weymouth, MA 02190.