Magical Moments Around the World

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About Us

The purpose of this group is to create a global network of people with a shared vision evolving around the Magical Moments Around the World project. Sharing resources and ideas, getting involved in promoting opportunities for action and collaboration

The groups intention is to support and further develop the Magical Moments Around the World project and create an NPO to sustain the project.

About the project: Magical Moments Around the World is a continuous uniting of people all over the world sharing their magical moments. A global book written by people for people. A testimonial to the great human spirit that connects us all.

The Projects purpose is to: Foster awareness that we all share a common human spirit that transcends nationality, religion, borders and race. Thus inspiring feelings of compassion, mutual care and understanding between human beings. Creating a new awareness/spirit of coexistence among the various peoples, religions and cultures within a single interconnected civilization. Showing that we are all part of one big human family sharing a unique human spirit connecting us all. Make this awareness part of a curricula for peace and ethics in every school.