Vietnamese American Chamber of Commerce

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16511 Brookhurst Street
Suite B
Fountain Valley
United States

About Us

The VACOC will honor its responsibility of promoting and supporting chamber members: business, education and community partners in order to benefit commerce, education and philanthropy to advance economic growth.

The VACOC will provide leadership to the Vietnamese pioneer movement locally, nationally and internationally through commerce, education, cultural exchange and philanthropy.

The VACOC will support and promote our mission by following these shared beliefs:

  1. Small and medium size businesses are the backbone of our Pioneer Movement
  2. Education, training and shared resources are keys to business success
  3. Sharing and seeking “best practices“ with other chambers, corporations, and educational institutions both locally and globally are important to growth
  4. Giving back to our community and becoming recognized philanthropists is one of the most important goals of this chamber
  5. We will pursue the noble quest of becoming useful world citizens–wherever and whenever we can offer our help and assistance

“The voices of many businesses, spoken firmly through one organization.”