Kenya Youth Parliament

About Us

The Kenya Youth Parliament is an initiative of the Kenya Youth Trust and falls under the auspices of the African Youth Parliament (AYP), which is an initiative of African action partners of the International Youth Parliament (IYP). The Kenya Youth Trust is the host and the holder of the legal repository of the Kenya Youth Parliament.

Kenya Youth Parliament is a growing youth led development network working for the empowerment of youth and their full and active participation in Kenya’s development processes.

Kenya Youth Parliament is also a network of Kenyan youth peace builders, activists and leaders that advocate for the rights of young people in the community

We stand as a youth-led organization that seeks to empower the youth through participation in the formulation, dissemination, advocacy and lobbying for those policies that are youth centered

The Kenya Youth Parliament recognizes youth as individuals aged from 18-35 years

KYP maintains a continuous programmatic partnership with different government ministries, departments, NGO’s, Trusts, Embassies, and Donor bodies