WIDES (Will of Destitute in Society) Development Group, Kenya

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About Us

  • To initiate capacity building programmes within the region and as well initiate income generating projects for the orphaned youths.
  • To improve productivity towards the Nations economy at large for the orphaned youth.
  • To provide counselling services to the affected and those infected with HIV/AIDS and /or drug addicts.
  • To identify and initiate income generating projects and ventures so as to uplift the living standard for the community (wealth creation).
  • To offer trainings and other capacity building initiatives to the members of the community.
  • To facilitate the provision of basic needs to those affected and infected with HIV/AIDS.

To facilitate disaster management efforts,including,preparedness,mitigation and response within the flood prone lower Nyakakach area.

To enhance gender equity in the entire Nyakach area by initiating income generating ventures and training opportunities that benefit both the girl child(women) and boys(men) alike.