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About Us

AHEDD's mission is to serve the community as a catalyst in the employment and development of people with disabilities.

Since community employment is our passion, we only assist youth and adults that are interested in exploring/securing/maintaining employment in competitive work settings. We want to see individuals realize their dreams to become a more independent member of their communities; working along side others that do not have disabilities. Likewise, we focus on job opportunities where people with disabilities are compensated with earnings that are at least minimum wage and consistent with the earnings of their non-disabled peers.

AHEDD also has the expertise to address the common employment fears of SSA beneficiaries.  Through Work Incentive Counseling (WIC), AHEDD assists individuals with understanding the impact of paid employment on their social security cash payments, healthcare, and other relevant federal, state, and local benefits.

AHEDD's individualized services are provided across much of Pennsylvania.