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About Us

Partner for Surgery is in the forefront of medical and surgical care in Guatemala, helping impoverished Guatemalans (mostly Mayan) living in remote locations.Children with cleft lip/palate, fathers with hernias, andmothers with early signs of cervical cancer have all received our help.

Since Partner for Surgery was founded in 2001, 40,000 impoverished Guatemalan children and their families have received medical attention and health education, and7,000 people have received access to surgery.

Our staff is present year-round in Guatemala, building trust locally. From our Guatemalan Health Promoters, to our network of Rural Midwives, to our medical teams in the field or at our surgical facility, we bridge the language, distance, and cultural barriers, making each patient's long trip from their village and back home again a safe one.

Programs and services include:

  • Nutritional assistance for children with cleft lip/palate
  • Mobile Medical and Surgical Missions
  • Cervical cancer screening/treatment
  • Escort/Interpretation/Support for the surgical journey

Our partners in the US include:

  • Timmy Global Heath
  • Rotary International
  • United States Peace Corps