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About Us

In 2007, Turtle Tree, a Dutch-based not-for-profit foundation, started supporting a group of disadvantaged women in the Artibonite Valley, center of Haiti, to become an economically sustainable enterprise.

The goal was the economic and social independence of the group. Turtle Tree invited Western designers to work with the Fanm Veret group to create and market artisanal products that can be sold abroad. The Dutch foundation has also supported Fanm Veret to become a legal and independent co-operative.

After the earthquake in january 2010, Turtle Tree opened Haiti Reporters, a documentary filmschool in Port-au-Prince for young Haitians who are interested in multimedia and community journalism. The school provides 5-month intensive courses. Graduates are developing several television programs and provide services to Haitian organizations.

Turtle Tree’s mission encompasses documenting the reconstruction of Haiti and supporting media and journal through the production of documentaries, photojournalism, blogs, magazine articles and other media.