South Lane Mental Health

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1345 Birch Ave
Cottage Grove
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About Us

Mission South Lane Mental Health helps children and adults in the greater Cottage Grove community realize full and productive lives through effective and respectful mental health treatment, education, and advocacy.

When we are talking in the community or describing our history, the mission is often presented this way:

1. To help adults and children with severe mental illnesses live successfully in the community

2. To operate a community mental health clinic, ensuring all individuals in South Lane County have access to mental health services regardless of their insurance status or ability to pay.  

Culture, Values, and Beliefs SLMH believes in helping clients regardless of their ability to pay, but we believe if people pay what they can for their services, they value these services more.

SLMH believes in community-based services and was developed by volunteers from the community – we want to be a part of the community and we will help the community identify and address community needs.

SLMH believes community partners, other organizations, clients, and staff should be treated with dignity and respect.

SLMH understands that poverty is a huge barrier to success.  Its effects are pervasive and limit an individual’s hopefulness.

SLMH is trying to mentor people out of the culture of poverty via CARES, ICTS, case-management, wraparound services, etc.

SLMH understands that many of our clients have been traumatized.  This trauma can occur at any time. Our services are grounded in trauma based best practices.

SLMH is a common-sense solution-focused organization – we don’t let a few barriers stop us from taking on new projects.

SLMH also believes there isn’t one model or type of treatment that works best for all clients.

SLMH believes in strengths-based approaches to treatment that emphasizes people's self-determination and strengths. Strengths based practice is client led, with a focus on future outcomes and strengths that the people bring to a problem or crisis.

SLMH believes program development can start anywhere – anyone can present a good idea and move it forward, anyone can improve a program.

SLMH values staff members’ personal growth and encourage staff to pursue personal goals. We know as staff move forward towards their personal goals.

SLMH can benefit from these increased strengths. SLMH knows that all of us make mistakes.  When we do, we own it and try to learn from it.