Mission Neighborhood Centers, Inc.

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362 Capp Street
San Francisco
United States

About Us

Mission Neighborhood Centers, Inc. (MNC) is the steward of visionaries, Rachel and Eva Wolfsohn, who established the first San Francisco Girls’ Club in 1896. The girls’ club became incorporated as MNC in 1959, creating a unique collaborative service delivery model.

MNC has become a backbone institution for San Francisco’s vulnerable children, families and seniors by providing a continuum of programs that support individuals across their life span. Through high quality early childhood and youth development programs as well as senior services, MNC reaches across generations providing culturally appropriate safety net services that improve the quality of life of thousands of families city-wide.

MNC is committed to providing social, physical, and educational opportunities that allow our clients, no matter what stage of their lives they are in, to become empowered and improved individuals. Each one of our clients, from the youngest Head Start student to the eldest senior citizen, receives services that not only support daily needs, but also instill pride and respect.