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About Us

Springboard Foundation

The Springboard Foundation was created to reach and provide underserved children access to the same academic support opportunities as children from higher income communities.

Springboard’s after school programs promote academic improvement and higher academic performance for public school children of all ages. Springboard’s formula for success combines assistance, guidance, and crucial support in a supervised environment that allows children to have fun with their peers while being given the tools to understand and complete assignments issued to them by their teachers during the day in public school.

Researching traditional day care centers and standard after school programs showed that these models are dated and do not provide the curricula necessary to place children on the best academic development path. The Springboard Foundation developed a system to address this void. Our program has been explosively successful in our after school programs by offering a Win-Win solution for our students, their families and their teachers.

Springboard’s Win-Win System

  1. Win-Win for Springboard Students: half the after school afternoon combines game playing or sports with friends and peers, while the other half of the afternoon provides help and support with academic studies. Homework is completed, but even better is that our staff works with our students so the students gain a solid understanding of the subject matter. Our students feel good about being prepared for the next day’s school experience.
  2. Win-Win for Teachers: When students are prepared, they have more confidence in their capabilities to learn new topics of study. With better prepared students, teachers can devote more class time to new material instruction instead of constant review and re-drill exercises.
  3. Win-win for Schools: With better prepared, more confident students eager to absorb new material, performance is enhanced. The enhanced performance will be reflected in better school-wide test scores.
  4. Win-Win for Parents: Knowing their children’s assignments have been completed with an understanding of the subject reduces after work/after school stress. With stress levels reduced, there is more quality family time.
  5. A Win-Win for the Family Budget: Because Springboard understands how financial strains can create family stress, our programs are affordably priced as opposed to tutoring companies such as Sylvan and Huntington that charge $100-$150.00/hr. But, don’t take our word for it; see what parents and teachers have to say.