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About Us

The Franklin Foundation for Innovation operates on the premise that public schools represent the best chance all American children have of being successful and solving tomorrow’s issues as innovators regardless of background or wealth. Our mission is to see that all children have access to public schools and the freedom and resources to innovate.

The next ground-breaking mechanical engineer might be a little girl who lives on a farm from a small town in Oklahoma, and the next Nobel prize winning chemist might be a teenage boy living in poverty in a big city like Philadelphia. What we know is that in either case, the only way either of those children will meet their potential is if they have access to a solid public school education. One where their schools are well-funded, their teachers are supported, parents are engaged, and schools where the community is their backbone of support.

The Franklin Foundation for Innovation was created to foster an environment where these things are a reality. We work with students to help foster their interests in STEM and grow their dreams through immersion programs. We work with educators to ensure they’re supported and that they have access to advanced education without the burden debt. We work with organizations to help them meet their research needs while enabling colleges and universities to continuously innovate while helping students gain real-world experiences they can use to enhance their careers. And we work inside of communities through community partners to build support for a public school infrastructure we should all recognize as central to our national security. 

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