Gianna House

  • Michigan


21357n Redmond
United States

About Us

Gianna House occupies the former convent of St. Veronica Catholic Church in Eastpointe, Michigan which will accommodate up to (7) residents and their infants by the summer of 2018.

While are mission is simple our undertaking is complex. Currently serving as a pregnancy resource center for all pregnant women our faith-based mission is to provide an alternative to abortion, to provide... pregnant teens with a place of temporary shelter, to increase the number of healthy babies born and to decrease the high infant mortality rate. Our aim is to change the lives of these adolescents who have chosen LIFE for their babies.

As we are in the midst of renovations and designed to meet state regulations and getting licensed, Gianna House draws much support from the local Catholic community, including parishioners and staff at St. Veronica Parish and its pastor, Fr. Stanley Pachla, but more financial support and volunteers are needed to turn our long-term vision into a reality.

Without the resources such as Gianna House, pregnant teenagers are prone to falling prey to a culture that relies on abortion as a solution. Without Gianna House to offer a safe, secure and loving environment to them, they will turn to those who will offer the quick fix of abortion and leave them with a lifetime of regret, this is why we are so anxious to have Gianna House become a reality. Each delay … means one little girl who might have been helped has nowhere to go.

If you or anyone you know would like to get more information on how you, your company, friends, neighbors, employees, etc, would like to get involved please contact Jennifer Brubaker at