Greenwich Country Day School

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About Us

Greenwich Country Day School is an independent, co-educational day school with 850 students in grades N-9 with a faculty of 135. The curriculum stresses basic preparation in English, mathematics, history, world languages and physical sciences. Electives include choral music, band, instrumental and piano lessons, studio arts, printing, graphic arts, electronic music, carpentry, sewing, photography and drama. Daily physical education for all students including interscholastic teams in grades 6-9, is an integral part of the school program. The school is situated on 88 acres in central Greenwich, Connecticut, and is divided into three divisions: Upper, Middle, and Lower School, each with its own building and Division Head. Together they contain 54 classrooms, 5 science labs, 2 libraries, 2 auditoriums, 2 art studios, 8 tutoring rooms, 3 computer labs, 2 audiovisual rooms, and facilities equipped for teaching choral music, sewing, printing and carpentry. Other buildings include a dining hall with seating for 450, and 4 gymnasiums. The campus includes 54 faculty apartments and houses, 2 swimming pools, an ice hockey rink, 9 playing fields and 4 new tennis courts. Greenwich Country Day was founded in 1926 and has, for many years, defined itself as a family school fostering academic excellence. Creative teaching is encouraged and used to motivate young students and foster a love of learning. The school’s emphasis on developing the whole child results in attention to developing strong academic skills, character, values, creativity, and sportsmanship. Many faculty serve as coaches and advisors in addition to teaching.